Dr Alex Chepstow-Lusty
Rey was the guitar teacher for my daughter, Frances Lusty (14) for over 2 years in Rome, until we relocated to Bonn in Germany . He has quite excellent in terms of inspiring my daughter, not just in terms of her learning different guitar techniques or theory, but he really catalysed her abilities so that she now is armed with a great repertoire of knowledge and composing a lot of original material. In fact on arriving at the newschool here in Germany, she even played one of her songs to an audience of over 400 students and teachers.This would never have been possible except for Rey’s influence.
They had a regular lesson every week for an hour which would often extend beyond that as they got carried away as they seemed to be having so much fun and these lessons were highly fruitful. He was not a strict teacher but knew how to encourage the best out of my daughter and I was amazed how he transformed her guitar techniques. She had had a few guitar teachers before, but progress with them was very slow. She now plays the guitar while singing for at least several hours a day. I would say it has become her main passion.Although, we now have a new guitar teacher here in Bonn, it is not quite the same and we miss Rey.However, Rey got my daughter to the level where she can spread her own wings. Lastly, Rey is a very warm and caring teacher and we wish him well with his future endeavours andrecommend him. I give him my 100% support.
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chris lambert

10 months ago: Rey does a great job focusing on the technical aspects of playing guitar while still teaching the theory behind the music. I have been taking lessons from Rey for 4 years and my playing has improved tremendously. My movements on the fretboard are more efficient and repeatable, my hands are stronger and I have more skills in my toolbox to use. I am much more confident reading music and feel more capable to understand how songs are constructed. I told Rey that I would like to write music and he has adapted the lessons accordingly putting an emphasis on theory, melody writing and improvising. Rey would be able to teach a beginner or someone who has been playing for a long time. I would highly recommend Rey if you want to not only become a better guitar player, but a more well-rounded musician.
11 months ago: These lessons were the difference between just basic learning to truly understanding the guitar and theory. His B2P (beginner to pro) really helped me... This method helps all styles of music. Recommended.
6 months ago: Extremely pleased with Remo Sir's guidance and mentoring for my son's guitar lessons-there could not have been a better teacher for the subject. Extremely pleased with his grasp and knowledge of the instrument as well as his enthusiasm to get my son trained for the LCMY examinations. Great experience with Remo Sir
5 months ago My teen has been taking lessons since the start of Covid lockdown and has really enjoyed her time learning from Rey. It is obvious that Rey is passionate about music and getting through to his students by teaching them and innovative and engaging ways.