Guitar Lessons Toronto Professional Composer and RGT-LCM registered  Guitar Tutor

RGT-LCM (London College of Music Uk) registered guitar tutor, professional composer and author of the 6 Methods for Guitar
 1) Beginner to Pro Guitar Method
2) The Complete Book of Modes for Guitar Book 1: Modes of the Major Scale
Book 2: The Jazz Melodic Minor Scale Modes
Book 3: The Harmonic Minor Scale Modes
3) The Complete Book of Pentatonic Scales for Guitar
4) The Complete Book of Blues Scales for Guitar
also the author of the Children's Book Learning Music with a Rhyme ages 5 to 7.
Remo Moretto aka Rey More was born and raised in Toronto. He started his musical studies at the age of 8 in the school orchestra playing clarinet, bass clarinet and sax. He started his guitar studies with John Gargano in Toronto. At the age of 18 his family moved to Italy where Rey continued his studies with Fernando La Vigna, Nicola Toscano and Eugenio Becherucci of the Conservatory La Refice Frosinone Italy. He also continued his modern guitar studies with methods from Berklee and Fabio Mariani's (one
of Italy's best jazz guitarist )Trattato di Chitarra Jazz method. Rey started teaching at an early age substituting his teacher John Gargano in Canada and once in Italy he would do the same for Fernando La Vigna, first substituting and then working by his side for many years to come. Rey also started playing live and touring Europe with different formations for many years. In the year 2000 Rey started his song writing career with Externa Records where he released 4 dance singles around the world as co-writer, one of which also appeared on the BMG Supereva Compilation 2000. Rey then pursued his solo career as a recording artist releasing 2 singles
"Play Play" written by Rey and arranged and produced along side of Ago Visentini , and "Images" written by Rey and arranged along side of Mauro Formica at Juke Box Studio Perugia Italy. These 2 songs have appeared on Radio UK International, Radio Basingstoke and many other British Radios. A few years back Rey decided to put all his knowledge and experience writing the first guitar method "B2P" Beginner to Pro. Rey now has moved back to Toronto while pursuing his career as a solo artist -composer songwriter. Rey offers modern guitar lessons in Toronto covering North York,
Scarborough and Markham area and online via Skype.