Remo Moretto - AKA Rey More

Weekly Individual Guitar or Bass Guitar Lessons In person or Online Via Skype. 1-hour Classes or 30-Minutes each.

An RGT-LCM London College of Music UK Registered Guitar Tutor

RGT-LCM London College of Music UK Registered Guitar Tutor

Offering Online Exams with the London College of Music UK. Exams for Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Bass Guitar. 

B2P Guitar Method By Remo Moretto
AkA Rey More

B2P Book 1 is the 1st of 3 complete methods which has been written after years of study and teaching around the world. It is written in notation with tabs and fingerings to facilitate the learner's experience. Here you will learn to read music while playing the instrument, theory applied to the guitar, Major, minor, pentatonic scales, speed studies, arpeggios, hammer-on and pull-off (ascending and descending slurs ), tapping technique, chords, rhythm studies, and songs. All in a progressive order. No method written is as complete as this one! Order here

 Bass Guitar  4 Strings   for Beginners

My method will be given in PDF Format after payment of the 1st package. Available soon on Amazon.

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                                                                                              Words and Music by Remo Moretto aka Rey More